Feb 5, 2013

Cocaine Deprive Champion From Defending His Title

 Philadelphia's champion , Bill "El Wingador" Simmons, was caught possesing cocaine on Thursday — the day before the Wing Bowl compitition.
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 for those who dont know Simmons is the five time champion of the chicken wing eating competition.He was arrested in June of 2012 with $8,000 worth of cocaine and $4,000 in cash. He spent 10 days in jail before being released on $100,000 bail. In a statement at the time, Simmons lamented the "impact hard time for nonviolent offenders has on these young kids facing long sentences."

He now faces 13 separate drug counts including possessing, manufacturing and distributing. Wing Bowl organizers banned him from this year's competition just after his arrest, long before Gloucester County revealed Thursday's indictment.
So far, cocaine doesn't seem to be considered a performance-enhancing drug when it comes to competitive eating.
The minor Philadelphia celebrity last won the Wing Bowl in 2005 before retiring from the sport, but came back to compete in 2011.

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