Jul 6, 2012

China: custom officers make city’s largest-ever cocaine bust

China: custom officers make city’s largest-ever cocaine bust
ChinaCustoms officers in  Hong Kong have made the city’s largest-ever cocaine bust, Bursting about $98 million worth of the drug Wednesday.
About 1,430 pounds of cocaine coming from Ecuador arrived at a Hong Kong port Wednesday John Lee, head of the Customs Drug Investigation Bureau, announced Friday.
Customs officers followed the record-breaking shipment as it was driven from the port to a location in Hong Kong’s rural New Territories, where it was picked up by two alleged members of a local drug syndicate.
Officers intercepted the truck, which contained 541 slabs of cocaine, each weighing about 1.2 kilograms and arrested the driver and the two men.
Lee said he believed the massive shipment, which was flagged by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration for further inspection, was destined for Southeast Asia or mainland China.
Hong Kong customs officials have been working with South American authorities and the DEA since the beginning of the year to halt drug trafficking.

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