May 30, 2012

Ghana drug:The trial of Asem Dake to begin on 1st june

Ghana : The trial of Asem Dake, also known as ‘Limping Man’, will begin on Friday, the 1st of June. let me
remind u ,he was caught with cocaine recently.

Presiding Judge of the Fast Track High Court in Accra, Mustapha Habib Logoh, has upon the request of Defence Counsel, remanded Asem Dake into prison custody.
The request to send Asem Dake into prison custody was on grounds that he is not being fed well at the Bureau of National Investigations, BNI cells.

George Heward-Mills whose appeal for bail for his client was refused by the court, said under the circumstances it was difficult to have access to Asem Dake. He noted that lawyer-client relationship required certain environment.

Asem Dake is now formally charged with conspiracy, importation of narcotic drugs without lawful authority, possession of narcotic drugs without lawful authority, undertaking prohibited business and corruption of public officer.

He has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Prosecutor Yvonne Obuoobisa mentioned the likelihood to take the evidence on Friday in camera.

According to the State Prosecutor, Asem Dake is the brain behind the shipment of some 77 parcels of cocaine on board the MV Benjamin that docked at Tema in April, 2006. Each parcel of cocaine is said to weigh 30 kilogram. hmmm.

‘Limping man’ is on trial with three others said to be at large.

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