Apr 9, 2012

Cocaine Courier From South Africa Jailed

south africa,cocaine courier
A Cocaine Courier from SOUTH African (single mother) who was caught smuggling cocaine worth about N$1,35 million into Namibia in late 2009 was sent to prison for an effective six years this week.
The offence which Kondela Kona (27) admitted and was convicted of is without doubt of a serious nature, Magistrate Sarel Jacobs remarked with her sentencing in the Windhoek Regional Court on Monday.
Cocaine dealers are unscrupulous criminals, and the courts have a duty to protect society from elements like them, the magistrate said.
Namibia is being threatened by offences relating to drugs especially Cocaine, he also remarked.
Kona was arrested at Hosea Kutako International Airport east of Windhoek on November 3 2009, after she had arrived in Namibia on a flight from Luanda.
She was arrested after Police officers discovered cocaine hidden in her handbag. Kona initially denied that she knew she was carrying cocaine with her when she entered Namibia, but in the Windhoek Regional Court on March 22 this year she changed her plea to one of guilty on a charge of dealing in dangerous dependence-producing cocaine.
Kona admitted that when she arrived at the airport she was carrying 2,7 kilograms of cocaine, which had a street market value of N$1,35 million, in her handbag.
she was sentenced for eight years.

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